ignite your soul flame

warriors of Light 


For conscious men whose dreams are as big as their heart.

You are here for a reason and you know it. There’s this secret inkling deep inside that whispers that you were meant for more than what’s showing up in your life right now.  You were meant for greatness. And your soul knows it. Because you are here to shine a pathway for others to follow. You are here to lead. Not to follow.

You’ve read all the books and the blogs. You’ve signed up for so many newsletters that keeping up with them all…doesn’t happen often. If self-development was graded you’d get an A, for sure.

And yet.

Your soul is still whispering you that there’s something more for you.

You look around at your life and what you have, isn’t what you want. You’re ready to step next into the next evolution of you. And you’d like to know exactly what that meant, thank you very much. Some clarity to dial down the self-doubt a notch or three.

Is this you?

  • Start every day with the best of intentions and get (ok, fall) into bed wondering where the time went?

  • Set goals and then wonder why you bothered as you never meet them?

  • Find yourself caught in the same repeating patterns, over and over again?

  • Have a difficult relationship with your to do list?

  • Have no idea where to get started?

  • Wonder if you are meant to do the work you dream of?

  • Feel guilty that you want “more” when you have a perfectly nice life?

Yep, that’s what I thought. You are not alone. We all face this. Clients tell me that getting out of their own way and living with purpose, shouldn’t be so hard. But it is. The bigger the vision, the bigger the fear.

How would it feel to know that in 40 days YOU RE-created your life?

That life didn’t just happen to you? That the 40 days was a turning point in your dreams being realized?


  • Making powerful choices that get your more of what you really want?

  • Experiencing life everyday (instead of going through the motions with a nagging feeling of discontentment)?

  • Being freed from second guessing yourself?

  • What you would be able to accomplish if you were clear on where to invest your time and energy?

  • Owning what you want and what you don’t. And being able to communicate that.

  • Being a leader in your life. Now.

How does that feel? Powerful? Aligned? Centered? It’s all waiting for you.

Flame was made for this. I guide conscious men from being confused, unclear and dissatisfied on the direction of their life and into confidently stepping into their Brand New Life with clarity and focussed intention.

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so who am i anyway?

I’m Amy Biondini and I utilise a unique combination of energy, strategy and mindset to get you out of what you don’t want and into the life you do, quickly and with permanent results.

I’m a certified Life Coach, Health Coach and experienced Business Coach to entrepreneurs. I’m also a Reiki Master and Akashic Records Reader and I blend all of my learning and skills to create space for you to step powerfully into your new future.

And did I mention my 10 + years in corporate as an Implementation Manager and that I'm also a qualified project manager? Oh and that I'm deeply intuitive and an intuitive energy healer? Practical meets magic. What can I say? It's a gift ;)

the words of those who have gone before you…

Amy is a GOD-SEND!!

For over 30 years of my life, I had come to the conclusion that I’d never have the chance of being in the relationship of my dreams. I had tried it all! Affirmations, Law of Attraction, Vision Boards, Positive Thinking, Hypnosis… you name it! And yet I could never find an answer! It was always something beyond my reach! Until I met Amy!

I was able to smash my old paradigm from endless failure to one of hope and success! My almost non-existent self-esteem and confidence FINALLY started to take root! The way I look at relationships with others, myself, wealth, career, success, even MIRACLES has taken a quantum leap!

I HIGHLY recommend Amy Biondini. Even if you think you ‘know it all’ or tried everything that didn’t work… It’s the time for a REAL breakthrough!  

Amy knows what’s up with men more than we’d like to admit! As a brother to another brother - you NEED this!


I was deeply impressed by Amy's power and magic from the first time we talked. She made me feel heard, loved and fully supported. Her sessions are weaved in a way that I always get insights, new perspectives, understanding and profound reflections, all married with specific and powerful actions to take.


Amy is an intuitive coach who gets straight to the heart of the matter. She asked the questions that revealed my deepest fears and desires so that I could shine a light on them and expose the common themes that keep popping up that are keeping me stuck. Her ability to navigate any topic and reflect back to me exactly what I needed to see is exceptional and seemingly effortless.

While working with Amy, I got crystal clear on my message, how I want to show up in the world, and released a lot of judgment and need to “do it a certain way” and instead trust that my way is the only way.


That sign you’ve been waiting for? This is it.

Warriors of Light is a laser focused bespoke coaching intensive that helps you uncover your dreams and the steps to bring them to reality. It is the Saville Row of coaching. The Harley Street of energy. Flame is unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

It’s a highly intuitive process with tangible takeaways for you. This is not a cookie-cutter approach, everything is custom built around you, where you are and what you need. The journey will include looking back as well as looking forwards, finding and releasing old habits that no longer serve you and of course the Technicolor visioning that will serve as our anchor for where you want to be.

Ask all the questions you want, and if something comes up between sessions that you need to talk about now, email me stat and we’ll get work it through. No more waking up at 2 am for an answer. No more looking everywhere for a “sign”. Those days are over. Together we will uncover the hidden gem within. You’ll be able to stop wondering and starting living an aligned life, by your design.

Most people think that once the intention is set, it’s over. It’s not. It’s a powerful beginning, but results come through action. Flame is designed to uncover both your vision and the support it needs to unfold.

The investment is $3,000 and your full commitment.

This is your initiation into the life you were born to live. This is your line in the sand.

If you are ready to ignite your soul flame, then here’s what happens next:

  • Book in a consult and we’ll hop on Zoom for 20(ish) minutes for you to get your burning questions answered and me to check that we’re a coaching fit.

  • If we both agree this is the right move for you, I’ll drop a payment link in the chat and once you’ve secured your spot, you can book in your sessions.

  • We dive deep for a 75 minutes every week for the 40 days on Zoom. Laser sharp questions will get to the underbelly of what’s not working in your life so the root cause can be resolved. (six sessions in total)

  • Access to me throughout the 40 days via email and Facebook Messenger.

at the end of 40 days You walk away with

  • Diamond level clarity on what you want – to feel, to be, to live.

  • A clear view of your path forward and solid actions to get you well underway.

  • Confidence, like you didn’t think was possible.

  • A renewed sense of being the man you always knew was inside.

  • 1000% commitment to your vision and your mission.

Ready to step into your future and answer the call of your soul? Let’s get you started.

and if you need a quick reminder: Warriors of Light is a deeply transformative six week experience. It’s designed to help conscious men feeling trapped in their ho hum everyday make quantum shifts at warp speed. Because you can do better than mediocre, and it’s time to claim the genius within.