Money magic

cash at your command


There is a new level of wealth waiting for you.

Wanting to be discovered by you. Trying to reach you.

But it can’t.

It can’t get past the blocks, the old beliefs and the past-life trauma keeping your present-day self stuck.

What you’ve tried has got you this far but the money mindset tools don’t help and the affirmations don’t work. Not anymore.

The answer? Go deeper.

Back to where it all began. The origin point.

clear the way for cash to come in.

And allow yourself to have the life of your dreams. Because it’s not about the money. 

Money is the gateway to the life you want.

It’s the freedom it gives you. The choices that become available. The opportunities that are made possible. The space to breathe. The ease.

The sheer relief of having the cash handled so you can get on with living.

Money Magic is an energetic detox, where we uncover the deeply-held reasons why you don’t have the cash, the riches, the wealth you want. 

We’ll go into your Akashic Records and look behind the veil to see what’s not working and which energetic and karmic imprints are running the show. 

We explore the money shadows that are holding you back and while we won’t get everything resolved in one session, we’ll focus on healing the highest priority. This may include:

  • Clearing past life trauma

  • Reversal of contracts, oaths and vows

  • Deep healing and realignment of the embodiment chakras (root, sacral, solar) 

This is for the magical woman who’s ready to command higher levels of cash consistently.

It’s time to…

  • Drop the drama around money

  • Shatter the glass ceiling your income has hit

  • Uplevel to the income you know you’re capable of creating

  • Let money feel easy, aligned and enjoy an ever-increasing flow of cash.

Money Magic is a 3 hour VIP deep alchemy intensive in the quantum Akashic field and the investment is $500.

Money isn’t the enemy, it wants to be on your team to support you and your dreams. Isn’t it time you let it?

are you ready Give yourself Permission to have the money you want?

Words from those who’ve gone before you…

My Money Magic session with Amy was deep, insightful and immensely valuable.

She shone a light on why I was procrastinating in my business, and how my relationship with money needed a radical overhaul in order to be healthy and abundant.

I felt seen, held and got the loving kick in the ass I needed.

The day after our session I was processing a lot of energy, and could tell a powerful shift had taken place. The day after that, I felt more enthusiastic about money than I have in a long time, and was motivated to start making changes in my business.

I feel a new kind of maturity and sense of ownership with my financial situation, and sense that Amy has helped me elevate out of the ‘darkest before the dawn’ period I’ve been in, and on track to making my next level of income in a deeply aligned way.

I’m moving forward again after a stint of feeling stuck and stagnant - and that in itself is priceless.

This session has been a powerful catalyst for me even after a couple of days, and I know the positive effects are going to ripple out over weeks and months as I re-activate my money magic.

I’m incredibly selective about who I work with energetically, and I felt in good hands. Amy saw the real picture of me and my energy around money with skill, compassion and wisdom.

If you’re a spiritual businesswoman who is being called in a new direction and are ready to up level your wealth, or feel confused about why your income has been stuck or slower than usual, I highly recommend booking in with Amy to get things flowing again.

CORDELIA FRANCESCA | Founder of Bite the apple

When I went to work with Amy I was having some serious blocks around bringing in money. I felt there were blocks so deep I couldn’t recognize them on my own. Through working with Amy I was able to understand how I saw money and where I stood with it. I was able to unlock a layer I had never accessed which allowed me to start approaching the healing process on a whole new level. I felt much clearer, inspired and I had hope that things were ready to shift!

Amy is such a powerful guide and coach. I am so grateful she came into my life. Thank you Amy!


Amy is one of the most intuitively connected people I know. Her ability to connect with my truth and share it with me in a way that resonates and makes a meaningful impact in my life is beyond none. Before and after my session with Amy, I felt a tremendous amount of energy shifting and things I’ve known intellectually for years finally clicked into place on a deep, deep level. I was able to see patterns and beliefs that were lingering around keeping me from living a fully integrated life. I would recommend having a session with Amy if you are looking for greater clarity and integration in your life.


I was deeply impressed by Amy's power and magic from the first time we talked. She made me feel heard, loved and fully supported. Her sessions are weaved in a way that I always get insights, new perspectives, understanding and profound reflections, all married with specific and powerful actions to take.


Amy is a powerfully intuitive and insightful coach. She made great reflections and summarised my words back to me. She expertly walked me along the edge of discomfort for growth but still manageable for me to keep going (not overwhelming). We went deep quickly and I had several huge shifts. The actions steps she gave/helped me create were well aligned and even evolved as we got farther along - great fluidity to the sessions.