Return to the Dark Goddess within

Malta retreat, October 2020


Sacred circle: October 16th 2020 (New Moon) -November 15th 2020 (New Moon)

Retreat dates: October 28th - November 3rd 2020.

Islands of breathtaking beauty, a land imbued with magic.  

Malta, the home of the ancient goddess beckons to you now. She is ready to share the bounty of her blessings with you and usher in your full remembrance of your divinity. The goddess within. 

The activation begins long before your toes reach the white sand of the Maltese shores. We will have a one-to-one deep alchemy session to ensure that you have everything you need and are fully prepared. The Sacred Circle will be opened on the New Moon with a group call and two weeks later you will get to hug your newly rediscovered sisters in person.

We will visit the ancient temples and I will encourage you to rest in the arms of the goddess and let the energy flow to you directly. You are a priestess, a shaman and you can hold this deep magic. It is your birthright. It is who you are. A goddess on earth. 

Surrounded by nine of your soul sisters in our private villa, layers of old beliefs and programming will fall away. Easily. Effortlessly. You are ready.

This is your truth, revealed.

Amidst the sunsets, island hopping and exploring the gorgeous little towns we will have group healing circles, shamanic vision quests and a sister share of magic where you will be witnessed in your power by sister priestesses who honour your magic. 

A potent rebirth. 

In a divinely beautiful pairing, the Full Moon falls on Samhain in 2020  - a rare occurrence happening only four or five times a century. As we celebrate the cornucopia of abundant blessings with the Full Moon, we are also invited to go into the depths within as Samhain marks the beginning of the dark half of the year. This potent combination reminds us that, for those who brave the shadows within, there are a bounty of gifts to be found in the dark. In truth, the darkness is hiding your souls’ gold. 

This is time for the reclaiming. 

In sacred ceremony, you will be invited to leave behind the old you and step powerfully into Who You Are. You will declare all you are choosing to release and claim all you desire to bring in. This is death and rebirth.

This is deep work and the integration will be facilitated with belly dancing, sound healing and heart based yoga. Of course lazing by the pool and dipping into the cool ocean (it is winter after all) are both musts, integrating the magic and release with the assistance of the element of water. 

After seven life altering days you will return a woman reborn. 

A week after you return home, we will connect one-to-one on Zoom for a deep alchemy and integration session. We will ensure all that you are ready to walk forward in your power with bone deep certainty. 

We will close the sacred circle on Sunday 15th November, the New Moon, with a group call. 

The investment in $5,000 including food and accommodation, entry fees and alchemy and healing sessions. Flights and transfers are not included.