In the Beginning….

….A return to your sacred roots. 

Avalon VIP weekend immersion.


Three nights. Two days.

A return to the truth of you. 

This is a deep immersion into the magic and mystery of you. Your truth. Your deepest expression. The magic that yearns for release. The power that demands to be set free. 

There is no agenda. The magic alone will guide us. Your soul is running this show and our role is to listen, deeply. 

This is deep magic, deep remembrance and freedom from the shackles that have locked you into place when you know you were destined to rise. 

If you need to know exactly what will happen, this is not for you. Avalon is particular about who she calls and what is meant to unfold will do so in its own time. It can be maddening but it is always divine. This in an invitation to trust.

A week before you arrive, we’ll hop on a Zoom call for a Soul Alchemy session to do any preparation work for your arrival in Avalon. 

You’ll arrive Friday evening and unwind with a massage and then we’ll have dinner at my house. After an early breakfast on Saturday and we’ll take a walk to the Abbey. We’ll go off the regular tour and visit the Priestess stone (where the High Priestesses used to sit during their monthly bleed) the Lady Chapel altar and Well, wander through the ancient trees and the Abbey ruins (The Abbey ruins date from the 1500s and some parts go as far back as the 1100s.) This is ancient magic and just being on the land will unlock layers of remembrance. 

We’ll have lunch in town and visit the Goddess Temple and the Mary Chapel before wandering back down to my house and to begin to weave the strands together over tea and cake. After some free time (which may involve a nap!) we’ll reconvene for dinner and afterwards I’ll guide you through an Avalon Activation which will energetically link you into the Avalon timelines and codes. 

On Sunday we’ll go up to Chalice Well and drink deeply of both the magic and the Red Spring (the feminine). We’ll tune into the magic and do as we are guided - this maybe activating a remembrance of past magical lives, a deep clearing of blocks or a download of ways for you to deepen into your practice and express your gifts. Or perhaps all three! 

The White Spring (the masculine) is next up and we’ll slip into the cavern like sacred space as the masculine and feminine come into Divine balance. This is a deep exhale for your soul. For the rest of the afternoon, I’ll leave you to peruse the delights of the eclectic High Street and to explore on your own. 

After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, you’ll be ready to depart on Monday with your Avalon codes fully activated and a deep knowing that you will never be the same again. 

A week later, we connect for an online session and bring everything together so you are fully confident to powerfully step into your power and magic.

The investment in $5,000 including food and accommodation, entry fees and alchemy. Flights and transfers are not included.

Please note:

This is not an exhaustive tour of all things Avalon, this is not designed to be a sightseeing trip but an immersion into the magic of the sacred isle of Avalon. 

Must love dogs! You’ll be staying with me in my house and I have two dogs in residence. They are very friendly. If you would prefer to stay somewhere else this can be arranged at an additional cost.

If you are ready to return to the Sacred Isle and reclaim your magic, then book in a call today and I’ll look forward to welcoming you home.