Circle of Remembrance

January 2020-September 2020.


Be witnessed in your power. 

Be held in sacred space.

Walk with other masters. 

Your deepest truth is demanded

All parts of you are welcomed

This is sisterhood at it’s finest. 

This is a 9 month journey in sacred circle with 13 powerful sisters who see you in all your divine glory.

We meet in circle twice a month on Zoom (videos on) and you will have one private 45 minute session with me every month. Our private Facebook group is there for month round support and also where I’ll hold a group healing livestream every month. 

The investment is $5,000 paid in full or $1,250 in four instalments. And a complete surrender of all your go-it-alone, lone wolf tendencies. 

In the sanctity and safety of this circle you won’t ever have to go it alone, to settle for those who don’t get it or you. This is your sounding board, your safe space, your training ground, your arena. 

You will be held, seen and supported.

In the magic. In the mundane.

You will find strength in sisterhood. Your sisters may be new to you in this lifetime but your soul remembers.

This is a homecoming. 

It is time for you to remember who you are.

To remember your magic. 

Are you ready to come home to yourself?