The story of Amy

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Let me want to do the work you were born to do - the true expression of your soul? Without all the fucking stress?

I have been exactly where you are now. In corporate (longest 10 years of my life), studying spirituality on the side, knowing there had to be more that I was put on this earth to do than sit in endless meetings, battle the paper eating printer and listen to crappy hold music while waiting for the tech team to pick up. This was followed by being lost, dazed, confused and totally out of alignment in the entrepreneurial wild west that is online business.

What I had to learn:


Not a journey that should be taken alone. Ever. And that’s why I do what I do. I was you.


As long as I can remember I was connected upwards. I like to say I came in connected to Source and have never known another way.

But somewhere along the line, probably in my early 20s I lost my way. And I sold out. I became corporate.

I don't know how it happened but it did. Somehow when I wasn't looking I became a ladder climbing over achiever in a pencil skirt and wedges. And I drank the kool-aid and toed the corporate line.

This went on for far too long. In my defence, my 3rd job out of college, for a big multinational, was only supposed to last 2 weeks. I was there 10 years. TEN YEARS. And let me tell you they flew by like whoa.

And the truth is the mundane way addictive - earning decent money on a schedule, friends on site, who's dating who drama to be discussed in depth over tea, Friday night drinks and the familial / societal approval of having a good job. Of having made it.

But the cracks were there. And they started showing up in my health. The first bout of sickness knocked me out for about 9 months until I finally had surgery. A lot of time on the sofa gave me plenty of time to think and reconnect to my spiritual heart. I also knew something was off in my career so I got a coach to brainstorm how I could get up the ladder, faster. I started plotting to get my MBA - I was convinced that was the answer to the problem.

It was not. I found that out before I dropped serious coin in that direction - thankfully the open evening and taster lectures bored me to tears so I figured I wasn't a good candidate. Bullet dodged. Thank God.

I moved across into the commercial arm of the business. New! Exciting! I guess it was looking like I was going to settle in for the duration (having mapped out my path upwards) because health bomb 2.0 hit. And this time it would not be ignored. Having worked with a coach for 2 years at this point I knew that coaching was what I wanted to do and had started coach training.

I left corporate at the end June, took July off and started a second coaching certification at the beginning of August (I'm certified as a both a health coach and as a life coach). I had practice clients in September and paying ones in October.

Yes! Sod the 30 minute lunch break and endless commute, I’ve got this made.

Spoiler alert: there’s more to this story.

Want to know how long it took for me to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable in this new space? Not long enough.

Ironically, before I "learned" how to be in business online I was a coach for women who wanted more than corporate way of life. It was easy, it felt right. Then I started hearing how difficult it was supposed to be and yup you guessed it I believed it and it DID get harder.

Enter business coaching. Considering the 10 years in corporate and that I’ve dropped thousands on my business education I was a decent business coach.

Except for one thing. I hated it.

But that was mostly ok because after the first session my clients weren't interested in talking about business.

They wanted to talk about their relationships, sex, money, family, fertility, spirituality and their secret dreams. I loved it. It was natural and effortless to me. My intuition was on point and they were having breakthroughs by the bucketful. Coaches became writers. Niches were ditched. Relationships were reclaimed. Power was stepped into. Oh and a lot of tears were shed. I coach deep.

But, I still couldn't explain what it was that happened in session which made it hard to trust myself. And that's when I set off on spiritual quest. And discovered that there was a lot of spiritually sugar coated coaching that didn't resonate.


At the other end of the spectrum the super woo was cool but left me feeling spacey and in my head. And I did not need any help in being in by head, I could get caught up in my own thinking without outside help.

So? I stopped questing. And to a large degree, doing.


I said yes to mentors that spoke to me even though it made no sense. I said no to things that made sense. I dropped cash on experiences that I still can't explain but felt right in my soul and turned out to be exactly what I needed.


And somewhere along the line, the bits and pieces started flowing together, remembered conversations, whispered dreams floated into my awareness. And healing began on levels I didn't know I had.

It was hard. I'm not going to lie. Because even though I had mentors and healers everybody had their own specialism and the only person holding all the rapidly changing pieces together and trying not to have a breakdown in the midst of a breakthrough, was me, myself and I.

But everything happens for a reason my combined spiritual and business crisis (and it was a fiery initiation) was to refine, discover and alchemise my natural gifts, abilities and knowledge to become who I am, rather than who I'd learnt to be in reaction to the world around me.

And who am I?

I’m the one who holds safe non-judgmental space for energy healers to remember their mastery. To become the most radiant version of themselves. As a Shaman, Energy Healer and Priestess I weave together intuitive energy alchemy, spiritual strategy and mindset to release the shackles, blocks and soul trauma, to recover the gold hiding in the shadows, activate the master energy systems (chakras, meridians and auric fields) and anchor in the purest light. In this deep, sacred space your soul can breathe and you can become who you came here to be. 

What I know now, is that it doesn't have to hurt, be scary or lonely. Diving deep into your fears, desires, belief systems and blocks is not easy work and it's definitely not all sunshine and rainbows but the clarity, peace and space at a soul level waiting at the other end? Worth it.

Ascension is not for the faint of heart and the masters are in the advanced class.

But for those that are here to lead with their light, it is the path. And the masters are needed, now more than ever.

Changing the world, starts with changing your inner world.

Ascension is an inside job.

I went it alone and stumbling along in the dark but you don’t have to.

I’m here for you.

Are you ready to step into the next evolution of your soul? Are you ready to reclaim your mastery?

I am ready

Amy Biondini