Waiting for a sign?

Seriously, they are everywhere.

For a while now I’ve been getting signs that I can trust what I hear. The main problem being that I’ve haven’t been hearing anything! Does somewhat negate the whole damn thing.

Well, it would appear they are, in my case, music fans. Craig David, fans to be precise. What, now?

The backstory to this whole thing is that I’ve been on the brink of changing the direction of my coaching practice for the last 3 months. I know it needs to change I just didn’t know to what.

All I knew was that I was being called to serve in a different way.

I did all the typical Amy things – rewrote all my copy, rebranded and picked out all new imagery which did sod all for my practice because those are all (delightfully distracting) surface solutions.

The deeper work wasn’t being done.

Not because didn’t want to do it but because I kept coming up with nada. Zilch.

I sat. I meditated. I looked at my client profiles, I reworked my offerings and…something was still off. I talked it through with trusted friends. And I prayed for a sign (in flashing bright yellow neon - you know in case I miss it).

All I kept getting was a nagging feeling that it was right in front of me but I just couldn’t see it. Which is not as reassuring as it sounds. It would have been easier to be miles off than a hairs breath (isn’t that the most ridiculous expression. Oh wait it’s probably, hare’s breath. Makes more sense. Slightly). Anyway….

Angels? Guides? Anybody? Amy needs help down here! Stat! Helloooooo……is anyone out there?

I’m a Gemini, astrologically ruled by Mercury (planet of communications) and the element of Air (communication, thoughts, mental realms). What does that actually mean? I think in copy and generally hang out in my head. I always have my clients tune into the wisdom of the body when working together but for me that doesn’t come naturally. Although I feel deeply, I’m a thinker.

Is there a point to this? And WTF does Craig David have to do with anything?

Yes, and a few days ago I heard a snippet of the only Craig David song I’d recognise as a car passed by me. Yesterday, I heard him again. Didn’t think anything about it. Today? Sitting down at my Mac and a car goes past, radio up high and yup…Craig David again. Curious, I Googled. Turns out he has a new album and a new UK tour. The title?

Following my intuition.

I nearly fell of chair in hysterics. Smiled big.

Because everywhere I had looked and consulted. I hadn’t looked within.

I went to my default behaviours because that’s where I feel strongest. But you can’t outthink intuition.

And of course, it was my intuition telling me something was off.

As an intuitive coach, I should know better. As a human, I got lost because I didn’t recognise what I was receiving.

I expected to have a new job title, mission and offers dropped off that I could run with (which has happened so it’s not as far out there as it sounds!).

What I was expecting was a sign that smacked me across the chops and what I got was a whisper from my soul.

Turns out I was getting a whole load of really rich information that I wasn’t seeing and the rebrand/rewrite which I had convinced myself was a waste of time was hugely valuable. The depth and gorgeousness of the information astounded me – once I stopped to really look. Things made sense, patterns emerged, dots started to connect,

Once I stopped expecting it to fit my mould and let it be.

If you are waiting on a sign…consider this:

  • Where are you distracting yourself from your life?

  • Is your life so loud that it’s drowning out your intuition?

  • Have you given yourself some space to actually tune in and see what you have to say to yourself?

  • Are you expecting your sign to show up in a specific way?

Think these points through and then make some time to sit quietly. Ask your question, ask for your sign. And then be open to allow it to appear, however it wants to.

You might not get it immediately. It might not be in the timing you would like.

Keep listening. It will appear.

You won’t miss it.

After all, it is designed for you.

Amy Biondini