September 2019 Energy forecast

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This is your September 2019 forecast from the Master Lightworker Collective (A galactic collective of Pleiadian, Sirain and Venusian High Priestesses and Master Alchemists who overlight Lightworkers on the Master path.  Archangels Jophiel and Haniel and the energy of Saturn made a guest appearance this month too.)

September is a time of mass transformation. It’s less about back-to-school and more about back to truth for the Lightworker collective. It’s a time for going inward and doing the deep work that is going to give you a solid foundation for the tail end of 2019. 2020 is going to be a red letter year for the Lightworker collective so doing  the work now sets you up for a smooth 2020. The race to ascension is on and it’s not slowing down any. (and it’s not going to anytime soon.) Interesting times indeed. The main thing to know is that we need to learn how to navigate the energies and not get blown off course or knocked on our ass with them. 

The remainder of this year asks us to dig deep and let go of our deeply held comfortable beliefs in the spiritual world. It is time to stop fearing mercury retrograde and clinging to things we view as truth that cannot be changed.

We are in ascension and what supported the Lightworker collective in getting to this point, will not support the collective moving forward.

Indeed many of you are already chafing at the bit and beginning to question ”spiritual norms”. This is a normal stage in your ascension, nothing is wrong you have simply graduated to a new level of light. In this new space of ascended light, “spirituality” has become part of the old paradigm. It does not mean it was wrong or that everything taught was incorrect. No, it means that as the consciousness of humanity was at one level, so the consciousness of spirituality was at one level. And as one ascends, so too must the other. Yoga, karma, reiki and the like were once considered on the fringes but now have come into the mainstream consciousness. This is a good thing and shows how far the human conscious has shifted over the last 30 years as a whole and in the last 10 in particular. Now it is time for the conscious collective of lightworkers to ascend, for they are those charged with bringing through new light and assisting in the collective ascension. 

It is uncomfortable and will continue to be so for the next few months. There is a lot of work to be done and being done - the Earth has now entered the intensive phase of ascension. What’s unsettling is that for the “new” to be born, the “old” must crumble and die away. It’s scary to see what you held as true, what you thought you knew disappear before your eyes. But it is the way it must be. It is not destruction. It is evolution. For as a child grows, babyhood is left behind, and the parents may shed a wistful tear of remembrance of days gone past but in their heart they know this is the way it is meant to be. So to for the children of the earth. The days of shaky first steps and first days of school are in the past now, the march is onto the advanced class. Ascension. 

Resistance to this natural churn will only cause pain, suffering and regret. It is not needed. Accept the past for what it was and give thanks for all the gifts it brought. And release it with love. Look forward with wonder at the new possibilities that are coming into view. And most importantly, be mindful of your present. For you, Lightworkers, are the ones ushering in the new earth. You are the Masters on Earth and it is time to claim your leadership in light. 

Hold your nerve. Hold your centre. Forgive yourself. And know you are doing your best in any given moment.  You’re doing a good job. The class of Ascension is not an easy one and you, beloved, are in the Advanced Class. 

September Highlights.

The Goddess is with you all month and it is the feminine is her fierce-love-fierce-grace finest. This is the Lioness. The Mama Bear. The one you do not fuck with. It’s powerful energy and her only goal is to guide you into your truth and your soul path. She may appear as a gentle push or a forceful kick in the ass. Tune in to the truth within your soul.

As you align to the divine truth within, your outer world will reshape itself.

Truth is the only option now.

Doors that look attractive but are not in your path will be slammed closed. Friends and relationships that you are not aligned with but have been stubbornly clinging onto will fall way now. Ideas and opportunities that seemed amazing will fall flat. It may hurt and it may sting but all is being done in service to your soul. Learn the lessons and then move on with grace. 

Do your work this month. Go back to your soul. Find your truth. Look again at who you are and discover yourself anew. You are not the same person you were before Summer Solstice (June 21). Look with fresh eyes on what you do and how you show up in the world. Is this the truest expression of you? Is this the foundation of truth you want to build on?  If it is not, start to see where changes big or small can be made. 

Now is the time to choose you. And trust. 

You can do this. You were born for this time. 

The 9/9 gateway this month supports this process and is a powerful time to release what no longer works for you. Numerologically, 9 is a completion of a cycle  -the sum of all parts before it. Release. Purge. Let go with intention. Do it consciously and with your full presence. 

It doesn’t need to be fancy (unless you want it to be). Get out your journal and declare everything you are done with - relationships, beliefs, thought patterns, foods. Anything and everything. Then put a hand on you heart, feel the breath in your lungs and with each exhale consciously let go of everything you wrote down.  When you’re finished, draw a line under your journal entry and write it is done

The full moon is the peak of divine feminine energy this month with the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces falls on Saturday 14th while the Sun is in Virgo. 

Meaning? There is an abundance of divine feminine energy available; harvest moon (abundance - think the Empress card in the Tarot), full moon, Pisces is a water sign (feminine) and Virgo is an earth (feminine) sign represented by the maiden (the first of the triple goddesses). Abundance. Emotion. Grounding. Flow. New beginnings. And yet is is tempered, just slightly, by its appearance on Saturday (aligned to the planet Saturn - discipline, routines and work (also Virgo traits) on the 14th which is a number that denotes an important choicepoint. 14 has a flavour be careful what you wish for because you might get it energy.  Truth is the domain of the feminine and she is not fucking about this month. Consider this your warning!

If you hold on to things on 9/9 that you know you need to let go of….it’s probably not going to end well. Bumpier waters than needed, care of the Moon being in a water sign (emotions) will await you. Do the work and release in advance. .

The Autumn Equinox is on September 23rd (9 days after the full moon, the theme continues) and it’s all about balance. Libra is the sign of balance and justice and we are getting a major dose of that at collective level on Equinox (23 is also the first day of Libra). The energy of this period may feel disconcerting and you may feel like you’re losing your centre. You are not. This is the divine rebalance. It’s going to feel a bit like your legs do after you get off a rollercoaster, shaky and you’re not wholly convinced they’ll hold you up. Then your centre of gravity shifts and stabellies and you’re good to go. Concentrate on feeling grounded and focus on your Earth Star chakra (about a foot underneath you). This is also going to be a great time to focus on balancing masculine and feminine energy within you. With all the Divine Feminine earlier in the month, is there anywhere that the Divine Masculine needs to come into balance to be in equal partnership? Is there anywhere else in your life that is off kilter? Are you giving more than your receiving or vice versa? This is the time to pay attention and address any imbalances. 

Wasp medicine sums up the essence of September for us: Wake Up! Be true to yourself!

Nothing less than your divine best.

Amy Biondini