The be-your-own-boss path.

So much excitement – everything's on your terms, you can work whenever and wherever you want to.

Good times.

And the buck now stops with you.


There are many, many pieces of the business puzzle to get your head around. Steep learning curve. Yes, there are scary moments as well as the exhilarating ones but it’s all wrapped up together in being boss.

Breathe, you can do this.

Let’s get the 3 most common trip hazards dealt with now so that you can move forward in confidence into your future.

I promise it’s worth the journey.

#1 Trying to help everyone.

This is a bitter pill to swallow, as it comes from a good place. I know.

It’s still true.

You feel like you can help anyone who comes your way and you want to help them, too.

The problem is if you market your message to “everyone” it ends up being so generic that no one can recognise themselves. Your people are still looking and you’re stressing yourself out wondering what’s happening (where are they?).

Yes, I’m talking about niching and ideal clients (also known as avatars).

People need to know why they would come to you opposed to the next person in their Facebook newsfeed. What are you a genius at? What’s your flavour? Why are they coming to you? Be specific.

Let’s get this clear:  1) You are NOT marrying your niche. 2) It WILL change.

These 2 points are major because it relieves a ton of stress off. It’s ok to experiment with your niche as you grow professionally. Chances are you will broaden your niche as you become more established.

Why start now? Traction.

It’s the difference between a Health Coach and a Health Coach who specialises in helping mothers of the bride feel like a sexy mom on the biggest day of her daughter’s life (so she doesn’t skip over pictures she’s in when showing off the wedding pics).  If your daughter’s getting hitched and you’re not feeling your best at the thought of the attention, which coach are you going with? Who do you think her friends are going to point out to her? Exactly, the power of clarity and specificity.

Which brings me to the less pretty side of this one. Scarcity mindset. Narrowing down your focus doesn’t mean that you won’t get your share, it means that your people will be able to find you more easily.

When people feel like there is not enough to go around, they find themselves more prone to falling into the comparison trap (see #2), reacting to events rather than maintaining their business position and inadvertently giving off an energy of desperation.

Clients can smell desperation a mile off and nobody likes grabby. There are 7 billion people in this world, there is enough to go around. Put your stake in the ground and claim your spot. Trust yourself and your abilities.

Switching from a scarcity to an abundance mindset takes practice.

There are no shortcuts.

Start noticing where you are feeling blessed right now and consciously practice gratitude. It will help to retrain your brain and yes, it will take a little time. If you find yourself in the midst of an attack of “there’s not enough for me” it’s time for a break. Do something that engages your mind and body. It’ll take the spotlight off the fear and you’ll be more easily able to move forward.

#2 Comparison.

I could go into a whole long discussion on this but I won’t.

Just stop.

It’s killing your self-esteem and your productivity. It’s not making any difference to them but leaves you feeling small and petty. There’s no bright side to continuing with this self-torture. Back away, now.

You know that old maxim “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Update it to “you can’t judge the entrepreneur by their social media feed.”

Social Media? It’s the highlights, the edited version of their life and business. It doesn’t mean they’re faking it, it’s just that we’re not wired to share everything with everyone. Think about it, something crappy happens and what do you do? Reach for those closest to you to share your soul with. When something insanely amazing happens? Facebook time. It’s human nature.

Partake as you please but remember this: it’s part of the story, not the whole story.

#3: Googleaholicism (Also known as information overload).

You, information junkie, you. I know  - how can this not be a great thing?

More information, more knowledge, better decisions, right? Nope.

You’re getting none of the benefits of the program sitting on your desktop.  And that blog you bookmarked weeks ago and haven’t been back to? Yeah, that’s not helping you either.

You need enough information to get into action for where you are now. By all means have a vision and a business plan for the next 12 months but take action today.

Your business plan will change and evolve as you do.

Cramming your brain full of information and then asking everyone their advice is not in your best interest.

Everybody else does not know what’s best for you, you do. Learning to trust your voice is critical to your journey. It’s also a tough ask when you are in a new space of entrepreneurship.

Information is massively important. So is finding people who can help and support you be more you.

Don’t go it alone, but recruit your power team carefully.

Look for someone who gets where you are today and can help you move forward. Someone you resonate with. Someone you will listen to and who will listen to you.

Two things will be key in your immediate and longer term success; a coach and a community. Biased much? Yes, I’m a coach. And I also have a coach AND a community. The combination was a game changer for me has been for many of my peers and my clients.

Asking for help is ok. Just know what you are asking for and check in with your truth when receiving advice. Get the help that feels right for you.


  1.   Get out your journal and get comfortable. The answers to these questions start to build a picture of how your skills meet the needs in your client. This is your beginning point.

  •  Where do your skills and experiences live?

  •  What do you like doing?

  •  When you imagine your dream client - who are they? What are you helping them with?

  •  What do people ask you to help them with now?

  1. Unfollow anyone in your social media that triggers you. DO IT NOW. For reals. It’s liberating. I’ve had whole unfollowing sprees. Feels darn good.

  2. Get clear on what support you desire. What kind of mentor? What type of community? What helps you feel supported? Where are your knowledge gaps?

Once you know what you need, it’ll be easier to find them. They may even find you.

Amy Biondini