October Money Forecast

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October 2019: Libra brings balance.

The path to balance isn’t always smooth sailing though. This month expect things to come up around money, wealth and abundance that you’ve been avoiding...for a while. Libra season brings with it the sense of no more hiding. Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to clean house to make way for the new growth that will support us into 2020 to develop.

Shadows will come up to the surface this month. Not to get you. Not to attack you or knock you off-course. No, this is their final showing. It’s time to release and let go of old patterns and beliefs around money that have kept you feeling bound and enslaved by money. Libra is air energy so there will be more mental money chatter than normal going on. Hold tight to what is truth and navigate by soul for the month.

Your worth and your value are not dependent on your financial success or achievements. Nor are you being asked to sacrifice yourself for the greater good. Balance. Give and receive with equal joy. Celebrate your financial wins and honour the value of your soul.

And for the goals you don’t quite meet, do not lose hope. This is not an indictment on you or the path you chose. There is a greater plan at work and all that is yours will reach you in Divine right time. In this moment, there are lessons for you to learn and trails to follow as your soul prepares for its next evolution in 2020. This is the final pieces of a Divine course correct coming in to play. Lean in and trust. You know what you are doing. Keep the faith.

You are not being held back. Doors are being shut only to allow new doors to open. Doors you cannot see from where you are. You are where you are supposed to be even if you have no clue where you are.

Trust. Balance is being restored to bring you back into full soul alignment. The Autumn Equinox on 23rd September brought with it the energies of Divine rebalance at collective level, that felt unstable for many as things/people/situations that were solid and locked down shifted without notice or warning. This is why. You are being guided back into your own soul lane.

The 1010 gateway brings about closure and completion. The old has ended. It is time for the rebirth. It may be unnerving and things may come out of left field. Trust the process even when it doesn’t make sense. Don’t get swayed by emotion, yours or others. They are a distraction and not a support. Feel them and then move on.

This is also an optimal time to consciously release anything in your life that you want to leave behind.

Decide what you are done with, write out any thoughts, beliefs or feelings around it what you are releasing and then on 1010 declare it is done and burn/tear up the “done with” list. This is your line in the sand. Do not look back. New is waiting for you.

The Full Moon on October 13 is in the fire sign of Aries and the first sign in the zodiac brings with it the turning of the tides. Things will start to unstick themselves, if you have done the inner work. The end of October will feel gentler as you can consciously see and feel the balance being restored.

Financially, this is not a growth month. Money will come in but this is not a goal smashing month for most. New money foundations are being laid for 2020 and beyond so expect to make decisions on money containers and income streams this month.

Money is your teacher this month. See yourself in partnership with money. What is being reflected back to you? What did you think you’d already dealt with only to have it resurface? What have you been avoiding? Where have you not done the work? All of these come into focus this month, these are messages from your soul money’s job is to bring it front and centre into your awareness. It’s not about the money, look deeper for there is the gold.

Call on Lord Ganesh, the clearer of obstacles if you feel stuck. St Germain and the Violet Flame to alchemise old energies swirling around you and to cut the ties to the past (Archangel Michael is also on hand for this). Ask Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity to pave your path with an advance on money, opportunities and blessed fortune.

Take extra time this month to rest, take care of your health - including you mental health. Get out in nature and feel your spirit being strengthened and replenished.

Above all else this month, stay true to your soul knowing and the money, peace and freedom will follow.

You’re going to be fine and very soon you will be better than fine.

Amy Biondini