Don't move in alone!

Becoming an entrepreneur is a lot like building and moving into a new home.

You see your perfect home in your head. It’s amazing, it has everything you ever wanted. Just beautiful. But you don’t just build straight way, you consult with someone who has experience in building houses to check you’ve got everything covered. Experience tells you a lot (and shortcuts your pain - they know where the pitfalls are!). You want to tap in their wisdom and work through the hows and whys of what you want.

Once you’ve got a plan for your new home. It’s time to turn your attention to your current home. You need to have a good clean up of the old place before you move. If you don’t, the excitement of moving into the new home quickly turns into a headache of how much stuff there is, how much work there is to do and how nothing quite…fits. (Sounding familiar?)

A successful move takes planning, strategising, dreaming and sorting.

Setting up as an entrepreneur does too.

Just like building and moving homes, when you move into the entrepreneurial space, you need a bespoke blueprint of what works for you.

This is your piece of business real estate.

Own it. Build it your way. Everything needs to be set up to support your vision. What everyone else is doing doesn’t matter, this is where your business lives.

There are also decisions on what’s coming along for the ride (pre-entrepreneur beliefs), what’s getting a refresh and what’s being trashed.  Once you’ve done that, you can see where the gaps are and where you need to focus your energy.

If you’re the homeowner, you need architect to help you bring your vision into reality.

A partner with you to help you get laser-like clarity on what your core truths are and how you want them to show up in the world. To work with your vision and discover who you serve and how your people need you to show up for them. To help you clean out your old beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

And then? You are ready to unleash your gift on the world.

You can do this. The world needs you. Please don’t give up.

Amy Biondini