You have a gift to give the world.

Nobody else has the gift you do.

To have your gift received with gratitude and pleasure there are things you need to do.

First, who are your people? Love, there a roughly 7 billion people on this earth; they were not all entrusted to you. Who lights you up? Who has your inner child jumping up and down with glee? Those are your folks.

Then you need to craft the perfect experience for them, creating feelings of joy and lightness for everyone.

So you know how when you get the perfect gift, at just the right time, its wrapped beautifully and you can see the giver really took time to make it special experience for you? You can feel the love they put into it. You know that feeling you get? The joy, the excitement, the anticipation? Remember how you smiled big afterwards because it was gorgeous. How you wanted to reach out and hug them for thinking of you? Notice how you’re smiling now as you remember the feeling of warmth, of love. The gift itself may have been longed after or completely unexpected but the timing? Perfect.

That’s how I want your clients to feel about you.

Amy Biondini