Been on Facebook recently and been deluged by everyone in the world telling you how great they are doing and how awesome their business is. Yeah? Me too. It can be tough. Especially when things don't feel …..quite so amazing in your own life.

Comparison is a killer. It's probably the number one Dream Killer. If this is you today; take a minute. Close Facebook down (No, really close it down). Know this.

  • Every success being celebrated went through a period of waiting, just like you.

  • Consistency is what you're being asked to prove, there's no shortcut to this.

  • Imagine when your success has come and you're the one celebrating on Facebook - how will you want your biz sisters who aren't there yet to feel? That's how today's successes feel about you.

  • Together we are more powerful than sitting alone at home feeling…less than gorgeous. Reach out to someone and tell them how you feel.

  • Do a happy dance. All those bright women killing it in business? Proof that it can be done. Dance and celebrate the possibilities.

Waiting is tough. You get glimpses of what it could be like but nothing you can sink you teeth into. Days filled with “when is it my turn?” Ok, waiting is the worst. It's also where the bulk of the work is done. There is a process to growth and stressing over it doesn't speed it up one bit.

Prescription for when you’ve been bitten by comparisonitis.


  • I am unique and my offer has deep value to the clients I serve.

  • There is enough for everyone.

  • My time will come, at the perfect time.

  • I send my sisters in business, love and light for having the courage and determination to get their message out there.

  • I am doing what I am called to do, the universe is doing its part too.

  • I have value to give into this world.

  • My people are waiting for me.

  • I am powerful.

  • I am in control.

  • I am calm.

  • I believe.

  • I trust.

Now, breathe in deeply 3 times. Pure golden light in, crappy self-doubt out. Repeat.

Consciously choose to send positive energy to those basking in the sunshine of their business dreams today. Spare a thought for the sisters who are striving to get where you are - send them positivity too. Send an extra dose to those who trigger the heck out of you (then unfollow them).

Resolve to spend less time trawling the newsfeed on Facebook. Go in with a plan. Connect with friends and family. Go to your business groups. Spend time in the group you own/your page. Add value to the people you serve. Then, get out of there.

Remember that Facebook is not the be-all and end-all of business. It just feels that way when your having a low moment. It’s not the whole story, it’s the highlights.

Don't let it steal the time and energy from you. Log off and go do something right now that will move your business forward.

Success comes baby step by baby step. Take a step now.

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