The Bare Soul Immersion

It’s time to go into the depths of you.


To focus on what matters.

The find the solution within.

Within you.

Your healing. Your awakening. Your alchemy. Your magic.

Changes the everything.

It makes a difference.

Your vibration matters.

You matter.

You are master and it is time to anchor that truth now.

This is an immersion into the truth of your soul.

We will:

  • Look at your vibrational level (3D, 4D, 5D +), raise and stabilize your light at the highest level you can hold. (Those 5D shifts you want? Happen when you can maintain a stable vibration.)

  • Activate and upgrade 15 chakras (if you are operating on 7 you are not accessing all the energetic support trying to reach you.)

  • Permanently clear past life trauma, vows and seals that are affecting you now. (Agreements at a soul level stay with the soul, not the individual incarnation. The same for trauma, the emotional resonance is remembered at the soul level until it’s cleared.)

  • Strengthen (or re-establish) your connection to your soul’s truth and deepen your trust of your intuition.

  • Activate the gifts that are ready to come through for you now.

  • Course correct any areas of your life that are out of your highest alignment.

This is deep work, at the level of soul. This is an immersion into the heart of your being and the changes will ripple into every area of your life and business.

The investment is $1500 and we will meet every week for 75 minutes for 6 weeks. You need to show up ready to do the work and have space to allow the integration.

This is your soul work, you need to be all in.

And after this, you will never be the same again.

Are you ready?