soul alchemy

This is an all-dimensional energetic detox shot. We’ll look at where life’s not going the way you want and look behind the veil to see the energetic and karmic imprints that are running the subconscious show.  We won’t get everything resolved in one session so we’ll work on the highest priority. This may include:

  • Clearing past life trauma.

  • Reversal of contracts, oaths and vows.

  • Anchoring in higher frequencies of light.

  • Attuning you to specific frequencies, lands or realms.

  • Activating codes of remembrance.

  • Chakra upgrades/activations.

  • Light/dark alchemy.

  • Introducing any new guides, tools or modalities that are supportive for you.

The session is 60 minutes and the investment is $333.

Please note this session will be intense and a lot of energy will be moving, make sure you have time directly after the session to integrate (and nap).

Words from those who’ve gone before you…

I just had a Akashic records reading with Amy Biondini. I am blown away with the information that I received! I have so much more clarity, confidence and peace working with Amy. She is a true gift. There is a difference between just having your records read and actually being guided through them each step of the way. Amy helped me to make better sense of why I was having certain emotions and healing practices I can do to help clear some of the blocks getting in my way. She took her time, asked me questions of things that came up in the records and was so compassionate. I can say I am truly at peace. No better feeling. Thank you Amy!


When I went to work with Amy I was having some serious blocks around bringing in money. I felt there were blocks so deep I couldn’t recognize them on my own. Through working with Amy I was able to understand how I saw money and where I stood with it. I was able to unlock a layer I had never accessed which allowed me to start approaching the healing process on a whole new level. I felt much clearer, inspired and I had hope that things were ready to shift!

Amy is such a powerful guide and coach. I am so grateful she came into my life. Thank you Amy!


I was deeply impressed by Amy's power and magic from the first time we talked. She made me feel heard, loved and fully supported. Her sessions are weaved in a way that I always get insights, new perspectives, understanding and profound reflections, all married with specific and powerful actions to take.

Amy's devotion and commitment to her mission can be felt across the distance, and for me, that's what makes the difference in a coach who is a real game changer. I can't be more grateful to her for the amazing work we're doing together.


Amy is a powerfully intuitive and insightful coach. She made great reflections and summarised my words back to me. She expertly walked me along the edge of discomfort for growth but still manageable for me to keep going (not overwhelming). We went deep quickly and I had several huge shifts. The actions steps she gave/helped me create were well aligned and even evolved as we got farther along - great fluidity to the sessions.