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Hey lovely

I’m Amy Biondini and I help spiritual entrepreneurs get clear on what they want and learn to say no to what they don’t want so that they can move forward in business and life.

Because the world needs the magic only you can bring. We need to hear your message. And…

No one else can do it like you.

We need you to show up and share the gifts entrusted to you.

You need off the rollercoaster, out of stuck and into a business that feels like you.

I’m here to support you in ditching the crap that’s been holding you back so that you can get clear, feel confident and take action that makes sense to your soul.

I believe in you and I’m here to help you believe in you too.

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  • Thank you again for your time and listening skills and awesome questions... You brought me back to my place where I really want to be... Thank you. Words can't express my gratitude.
    Laura Ghedina
    Soul Body Health Coach
  • Working with Amy is like having a guide into my own thoughts. Surprised me just by asking a few simple questions. It is a peaceful experience where I felt like I have all the time in the world. After every session, I felt like I had made new discovery about myself.
    Renja Kinnunen
    Life Coach
  • From the moment I began my session with Amy, I felt her power and yet I felt at ease. She was so easy to talk to and knew the right questions to ask to take me to a deeper level of my belief system. I felt that we uncovered a lot in a short amount of time. She made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I truly would work with her again and recommend her to others.
    Stacey Cannon-Dykes
    Intuitive Life Coach
  • After one conversation with Amy I knew she was the ONE I needed to help me bring my business to life. She listened to me share my why for my business (which is all I had at the time) and from that she painted the BIG PICTURE for my business and my future; my vision was limited in comparison to what Amy made me realize I could accomplish! Thank you Amy, you blow me away each time we connect, you are simply BRILLIANT and I feel fortunate to be working with you.
    Fabiola Baylon
    Transformational Mentor
  • When I went to work with Amy I was having some serious blocks around bringing in money. I felt there were blocks so deep I couldn’t recognize them on my own. Through working with Amy I was able to understand how I saw money and where I stood with it. I was able to unlock a layer I had never accessed which allowed me to start approaching the healing process on a whole new level. I felt much clearer, inspired and I had hope that things were ready to shift! Amy is such a powerful guide and coach. I am so grateful she came into my life.
    Virginia Raich
    Soul Guide
  • I was deeply impressed by Amy's power and magic from the first time we talked. She made me feel heard, loved and fully supported. Her sessions are weaved in a way that I always get insights, new perspectives, understanding and profound reflections, all married with specific and powerful actions to take. Amy's devotion and commitment to her mission can be felt across the distance, and for me, that's what makes the difference in a coach who is a real game changer. I can't be more grateful to her for the amazing work we're doing together.
    Paula Forero
    Graphic Designer
  • Amy is an intuitive coach who gets straight to the heart of the matter. She asked the questions that revealed my deepest fears and desires so that I could shine a light on them and expose the common themes that keep popping up that are keeping me stuck. Her ability to navigate any topic and reflect back to me exactly what I need to see is exceptional and seemingly effortless. While working with Amy, I got crystal clear on my message, how I want to show up in the world, and released a lot of judgment and need to “do it a certain way” and instead trust that my way is the only way.
    Amanda Johnson
    Writer, Speaker & Creator of Being Good with Being You

Your life Your way.